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re: App: Grunkl

The application submitted by Grunkl is as follows:

Name : Apostel
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Landroval
Level : 100
Gender : Female
Race : Race of Man
Class : Burglar

How long have you been playing The Lord of the Rings Online?:
6+ years (i took a break over the last year or so)

How many characters do you have? Please list them all including classes, level, and names.:
9 - Apostel (Burg, 100); Klubber (Beorning, 100); Oryion (Burglar, 100); Shidari (Hunter, 100); Stygma (Minstrel, 50); Styyx (105, Guardian); Swiftpoke (100, Warden); Theodrith (LoreMaster, 85); Thosialin (RK, 100)

Who referred you to join the Kin or anyone you know from the Kin?:
Guccii referred me

How often do you play the game and how long do you plan to play?:
I haven't played at all over the last year or so, I'm liking what I'm seeing of the game right now, so i intend to play for a good bit at the very least.

There will be times we require everyone to use Teamspeak 3 voice chat software, is this a going to be a problem?:
Not at all

How old are you? If under age, you will need to stay off from censored channel in TS.:

What timezone are you in?:

Is this a New Application or a Re-Application?:
This is a New Application

If this is a Re-application, please state the reason why you have been kicked or why did you leave the Kin.:

On certain occasions (such as raid adverts) we may need to reach you outside of the game. If you agree to this, please include your email address.:

Previous Kinship affiliations?:
Breeland Raiders (lvl 75), Remnant (85-100)

Previous MMO games experience?:
I've played Guildwars, WoW, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, RIft, and Lotro

Is there anyone particular you are avoiding from the game?:

Did you transfer to Landroval? If so which server did you come from?:
Always been on Landroval

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